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David is a Muskogee native who graduated
from Northeastern before getting his law
degree at the University of Tulsa in 1967.
He practiced in Houston, then returned to
Muskogee in 1982. David has limited his
law practice to helping people injured both
on and off the job. He also represents people
who have been treated unfairly by their own
insurance company. He continues a 150-year
tradition of trial work.
David M. Garrett

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Doug is a native Tulsan who graduated from
the University of Oklahoma in 1985. Following
five years in the commercial real estate
business in Tulsa, he attended the University
of Tulsa Law School, graduating with honors
in December, 1992. For three years he worked
as an insurance defense attorney in Tulsa
before making the decision to represent
injured people and those treated unfairly
by their own insurance company.
Douglass E. Elliott
Jared was raised in Monticello, Mississippi
and graduated from the University of
Southern Mississippi in 1993. Jared
moved to Oklahoma in 1993 to attend
the University of Tulsa's College of
Law and graduated in 1996. Jared has
worked for Garrett Law Office
since 1993; first as a law clerk, then
as a legal intern, and now as an attorney.
Jared A. DeSilvey
Dave came to Oklahoma from Pennsylvania
where he was a teacher and coach for
eighteen years. He graduated from the
University of Tulsa College of Law in 1988.
He has been representing injured people with
a variety of Eastern Oklahoma firms for the
past ten years. Dave enjoys legal research
and writing which he has been preparing for
Garrett Law Office since 1997.
David C. Bean
John is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He
obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at
Southern Illinois University before obtaining
his law degree at Oklahoma City University in
1979.He was Case Comment Editor of the
Law Review at that institution. His primary
area of practice has been in Workers’
Compensation Law,where he works to get
injured workers all of the benefits the
law allows.
John F. Bates

Rohit graduated from Rochester Institute of

Technology after which he spent five years
working with taxes and running his
own business. Rohit then came back to
Oklahoma and graduated from the
University of Tulsa College of Law in
December 2002.

Rohit Sharma